What To Expect From a Fall Protection Assessment

What is a fall protection assessment? What questions will be asked during your assessment? Will they find problems you didn’t budget for? If you are concerned about an upcoming fall protection assessment, then watch this video. We’ll let you know everything you can expect.

At Mazzella we specialize in site analysis and evaluation, as well as employee training for equipment installed or products sold. We want to help you become OSHA compliant and help you to keep your employees safe when working at height. We’ll help you create a plan and a roadmap that ensures that your facility complies with OSHA standards and withstands any OSHA inquiry. We also offer general training, system inspections, documentation storage, and procedure development, like rescue plans.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:39 – How does Mazzella help you become OSHA compliant?

1:36 – What does a Working at Height Risk Assessment look like?

9:00 – What types of fall protection solutions can Mazzella offer?

9:26 – How can you get more information?

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