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Enhance Job Site Safety with BlokAlert: Crane Safety Alert System

Operating cranes involves complex lifts and moving heavy loads near workers. That’s why communication and safety on the job site is critical and a crane safety warning system can help. Introducing the innovative BlokAlert system – it’s designed to enhance crane safety through better alert technology. BlokAlert is a crane safety warning system that attaches magnetically to the crane block, so it’s easy to install, visible, and within reach when you need it. With the push of a button on the handheld fob, it emits a bright beacon light and a 107 dB alarm tone before and during any load movements.

This provides an clear visual and audible warning to ground workers that a lift is in progress as well as alerting ground workers to the position of a suspended load. It’s a major improvement over old-fashioned air horns or whistles for crane communication.

Key Benefits of BlokAlert:

  • Magnetic attachment – sticks right to the block for easy installation
  • 500+ programmable sounds and multiple colors help cut through noisy sites
  • Loud 107 dB alarm carries across the area
  • Handheld fob for easy triggering from the crane operator or riggers
  • Available Footswitch accessory for hands-free operation from the crane cab
  • Lightweight and durable construction stands up to tough conditions – IP67 4 rating
  • Helps improve compliance and safety on the job site

BlokAlert is all about giving crane operators and site managers a better way to increase job site communication and safety. Protect your crew and your reputation with the crane warning system you need – BlokAlert.

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