Preparing for a Spooling Truck’s Arrival: All You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know before a spooling truck arrives! In this video, the Specialty Rope Service Manager, Jason Kuhlman, explains how technicians use spooling trucks to install cables in the field, inspect cables for damages, and provide pass-fail reports. Don’t miss out on these essential tips for ensuring your equipment is ready to go!



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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:22 – What a spooling truck does and how we use it

0:43 – Cable replacements and inspections: how we help you save time and money

1:32 – What are the job site requirements for a spooling truck job?

2:01 – What does the customer need to provide for a spooling truck job?

2:30 – What happens when a spooling truck arrives on-site?

2:59 – What happens when the spooling truck job is finished?

3:07 – How long will a spooling truck job take?

3:25 – What is the advantage of hiring a spooling truck?

3:42 – How can you learn more about Mazzella’s Spooling Services?

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