If you’re considering bringing in a third party to inspect your rigging gear, listen to this conversation with two members from our Rigging Inspections team. You’ll learn how you can best plan and prepare for a third-party inspection, before the inspector even walks through your door. 

In this podcast we cover:

  • The four things you can do to prepare for a third-party rigging inspection
  • Outside of OSHA and ASME, do you need to satisfy any other requirements? 
  • Do you have a prior inspection record?
  • Will you provide an estimate if you don’t have a prior inspection record? 
  • Is there any special training or PPE that the inspectors need? 

Need to schedule a rigging inspection or have some questions before you do? Speak with Bryan, Justin, or anyone from our Inspections team by heading to: www.mazzellacompanies.com/Contact 

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