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Wire Rope Hoists

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Wire Rope Hoists For Faster Lift Speeds & Hot Environments

Wire rope hoists use wire rope as the lifting medium and perform the lift by wrapping the wire rope cable around a grooved drum. Wire rope hoists can be powered manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

Wire rope hoists are used in many industries but are especially popular in production environments because they can perform lifts at a faster speed, lift to higher heights, and can be rated for more severe duty cycle classifications when compared to chain hoists. They are also able to dissipate heat from extended usage with higher duty cycles in more demanding or severe lifting applications.

FHS Wire Rope Hoists

Advantages of Wire Rope Hoists:

  • Offers very fast lifting speeds
  • Can be rated to severe duty classifications
  • Dominates the market at 10-tons and above
  • Quieter and smoother lifting operation

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